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Ice Box

Sean writes: "The cabinet came from plans in a Woodsmith magazine. The materials are Oak for all styles and rails and Oak plywood for the panels. Hardware is from Woodcraft. I changed its shiny brass appearance with a bottle of "brass tarnisher" from Kennedy Hardware to give it an antique look. The finish is a several step process involving dying the wood with a water based dark mahogany stain (2 coats); a "traditional oak" gel stain (1 coat); tung oil stain (2 coats); and gel varnish (2 coats)  Final dimensions are 44" wide 47" tall and 22" deep.
Sean's Version of the Folding Adirondak Chair

Sean writes: I finally got the folding chair made. I altered the plan somewhat - its based on a model I'd made previously, but I incorporated the folding mechanism. the new model will match the 2 non-folding ones I gave my mother-in-law a year ago. She's thrilled because she wants to protect them from the Ohio winter, but doesn't have alot of room in her garage to store the non-folding type. Thanks again for the plans.

As you can see in the picture on the right, the chair folds-up nicely and is only about 4 to 5 inches thick when folded-up.
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