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Projects by Takeshi Uchida - Saitama-prefecture, Japan
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Takeski writes - Here are "before" & "after" pics of Goblet I turned on my lathe. It measures 4 1/2" high and is made from part of a branch from Japanese Pagoda Tree.
Paper Towel Holder

Takeski writes - I designed as a Mushroom. Made from White Maple and finished with Wood Wax. Once paper is set, it looks like a big thread roll for a sewing machine.
Treasure Box

Takeski writes -I made this from Big Leaf Magnolia finished with Osmo plain woodwax. Size: 9.5" x 7" Treasue Box for my wife. Project plan from Treasure Island. I adjust the size in accordance with what she has. Now I'm frightened that if she ask me "Thank you for good box, now fill it next time."
Ice Cream Bowl w/Spoon

Takeski writes - It's summer and so ICE CREAM ! This is not finished yet. This is cherry, so topping must be cherry

Name : Lathenium - Botanical name: Kill time de oddturnner
Material: cherry, scholar wood, locust tree, brass nail, aluminum rod

Takeski writes - In New Year season, we spend silent and calm days.
So I made this with scrap wood to kill time on New Year's Day.
Shoe Cabinet

This is a Japanese style shoes cupboard made from Cherry logs that I had milled.

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Egg Stand w/Platter

Takeski writes - I made three egg stands, a small goblet and a platter with small wood tips I've spared. The tips were too small to throw into stove. I made a small laminated block with Cherry, Locust, and Chestnut for the egg stands, and the platter is made of wood from the Zolkova tree. I made the small goblet out of Mulberry. I feel Mulberry is one of the greatest material for turning. I finished each with urethane that is suitable for items that come into contact with food.
Serving Bowl

Takeski writes - I made a laminate block with small pieces of Cherry, Chestnut and Esnic woods and set on lathe. I enjoy woodturning and at the same time it helps to tidy up my workshop. I shaped the bottom of the bowl with ring chuck I made myself and I think it worked very well. This is my first trial of laminate bock turning and I was satisfied with this project. I finished the bowl with Osmo Woodwax.

Takeski writes - I made this Colander from Beech.
Shoji Light Stand

Takeski writes - I designed the shade with CAD .It is composed with 5 big and 5 small leaves. I made them using my lathe and scrollsaw.
Vase w/Bark

Takeski writes -I made this natural edge turning with a Cherry log. I use green wood to show-off the remain bark.
Turned Plate w/Striped Inlay

Takeski writes - I made this plate from Maple and used Cherry, Walnut and Hiba Cypress for the striped inlay:
Turned Plate w/Checkerboard Inlay

Takeski writes - I made this plate from Mizume Birch and used Cherry and Magnoloa for the checkerboard inlay
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