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Projects by Robert DeWar - Freer, Texas, USA
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"John Wayne" Sideboard

Robert writes: Having been a John Wayne fan since I was a kid, I decided to build a Cowboy Sideboard for my dining room. I chose Western Red Cedar for the material, construction was primarily biscuit joinery. I finished it off with oil-based natural stain, followed by oil-based satin polyurethane, and finished it off with paste finishing wax; I wanted a lustre but not a glossy finish.
Bobcat and Rattlesnake Display

Robert writes: I made this display out of Western Red Cedar and used Mortise and Tenon construction. I used 1/4" plexiglass for safety reasons and the glass slides into milled grooves on the front and sides abd the glass on top lies flush and can be removed if necessary. It has lighting in the front inside corners for display in a low-lit area. The critters are both in the attack mode; the Bobcat has his ears laid back, his mouth open and one paw up ready to swat the snake and the snake is coiled, mouth open ready to naail the Bobcat. I used oak plywood with a provincial stain for the back to make the Bobcat stand out. The cedar is finished with three coats of Minwax natural stain and two coats of satin polyurethane.
Deer Platform Display

Robert writes: I made this pedestal for a 16 point white tail. It's made from oak with 16 individual raised panels.
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