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Mark writes: I just about have my workbench finished.  Here are some pics of my progress.  The cut-out miter area I used a bolt pattern template to match all my tools (scroll saw, drill press and miter saw) that are mounted on a 3/4" plywood platform - this will prevent multiple holes being drilled in the bench top.  I also used 1 1/4" & 1" PVC for my dust collection system at the back of the bench.  Eventually, I will have a small cabinet built over the window between the 2 existing cabinets for small tools, drill bits, etc.  Under the bottom of the bench I left 7" clearance for clear totes with lids to slide under for misc. storage.  I also added a wood vise to the left hand end of the bench and an all important refrigerator on the bottom shelf.  I figure I can put a microwave & my hammock out there and be all set for when the in-laws visit.  Thanks for letting me share.
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