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Gazebo Bird Feeder Plan
Projects by Mike Fulkerson - Denham Springs, Louisiana, USA
(decorative painting by Mike's friend Cathy Arnett)
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Hexagonal Planters

Mike writes - I bought a bike planter and after a few weeks outside the "box" literally fell apart. These hexagonal planters were made from 1 inch pine, ripped down and the ends mitered at a 30 degree angle, the layerd corn crib style and glued. If you look closely you can see that the baby robin likes it.
Clamshell Style Boxes

Mike writes - These clamsheell boxes are about 3 inches wide with some of  the lids  hinged and some are not. The heart shaped box, the box is made of sourthern yellow pine, cut from a couple of large slabs from a tree that had been cut down and had aged a little, the shape was cut on a bandsaw freehand, then sliced and the interior hoggged out using forstner bits on a drill press. Rotary files and burrs were also used to remove the excess material on the inside of these boxes. This type box is a great time killer, and very simple if you have acess to wood thick enough to make them from one piece of it.
Utility Table

Mike writes - This table is made from slabs cut from some trees that had been taken down for different reasons. This table is great for setting next to your favorite chair and putting your coffee and the remote for the tv. The top is pecan as are the feet, the upright was made from treated landscaping timber.
More Clamshell Boxes

Mike writes - Here are a few more clamshell boxes that have been painted and decorated by my good friend, Cathy Arnett.
Wishing Well Planter

Mike writes - Here is a Wishing Well Planter
Wagon Planter

Mike writes - Here is a Wagon Planter
Serving Tray

Mike writes - Here is a Serving Tray
Jewelery Box

Mike writes - Here is a Jeweler Box

Mike writes - Here is a Sleigh
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