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Bird Feeder

Alice Writes: This is not one of my own designs. I saw it in a catalogue and couldn't resist
in buying the plans. this feeder is made of Birch and Pine, and painted with exterior acrylic
paint. It measures 16" Wide, 15 3/4" Deep, and 25" High.
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Turned Pen

Alice Writes: This is a Magnum Penn turned using my drill press as a
small lathe. The blank is made of several types of hardwoods laminated
Fretwork Wall Bracket

Alice Writes: I found this project in a magazine, and thought to myself "PERFECT!!! A project
that'll take me a year to finish!" This bracket may look complicated to make, but the truth is
that it really isn't. It took me a total of one week (approx. 2 hrs. a day) to finish the fret work.
The bracket is made of Maple, and is stained Cherry. the shelves are also made of Maple and
are left natural. The dimensions are 16 in. high, 13 1/4 in. wide.
Bird Feeder

Alice Writes: The original plans come from Cherry Tree, but I modified a
few things here and there and came up with this. I made it from Birch and
Pine and painted it with exterior Acrylic primer and paint. It is 12 inches in
diameter at base and  20 inches high.