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Curio Cabinet

Jim writes I bought the plans online from Woodworkers Journal 4 years ago for about four bucks. It appeared in the Nov. 1987 issue of the magazine. Anybody interested in purchasing the plans
Click Here. The plans called for a traditionally shaped and molded bracket foot that required a 10 inch table saw and some complex cutting. I didn't have my big Grizzly table saw then so I didn't do it. If I ever make another one, I will do it.

I went to a local glass shop with my unfinished cabinet. They cut the 1/4 inch shelves and the large panels for me.

This was the most difficult project I'd ever done. My wife loves it. It is totally stuffed with dolls now.
Jim's version of the Train Table

Jim writes - I used poplar wood for the frame parts, 120 feet of 1X6 boards. I didn't have much left over! I used biscuit joints between the side boards but chose to use screws and plugs on the legs. This thing should be very sturdy. I chose McClosky water based Honey Maple stain and I used Satin polyurethane for the finish coat. It ain't a Steinway grand piano, but it's serviceable and should last my grandsons a few years.
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