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Gazebo Bird Feeder Plan
Projects by Jim Barry - Gander, Newfoundland, Canada
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6-Sided Picnic Table

Jim writes I built this over a weekend from plans I purchased. The angles were a bit tricky and I made a few mistakes, especially in the support structure underneath. But it has held up well over the years.
Basket Weave Shelf

Jim writes - The project is made of solid 3/4" oak and the dark strips are 3/4" walnut. The bottom board is 32" by 6" wide. I cut out the scallop designs on the band saw and sanded the cuts on a sanding drum installed on my bench top drill press. The designs were made using a french curve but anything will do, a compass or a lid off of a can.
Musical Note

Jim writes This project was made using #1 grade pine for the white keys while the black keys and the music note are made from Wenge. Each of the white keys are individually cut and glued together then the black keys are glued on top of the white keys. The pine was painted using a light ivory tole paint. Nothing was done to the Wenge. The whole project was finished 3 coats of a spray lacquer.
Double-Lid Coffee Table

Jim writes I made this double lidded coffee table from 1-1/2" x 11" pine stair tread lumber. Available at any lumber yard, this material is used to construct stairs for homes. I find it a great wood to use for projects that require that "used and abused" look. Antique wrought iron nails, hinges and ring pulls were purchased from a specialty hardware store. The box is built with a simple box-joint joinery. The finish was created using one coat of penetrating stain, a rough sanding, one coat of polyurethane and some more light abrasive sanding. Overall dimensions are 38"x26"x12".
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