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Swinging Cradle

Jack writes: I have been making rocking horses of my own design for some time and a lady I work with asked if I could build her a swinging cradle for her granddaughter. I showed her the plans I had from the old book and she liked it. So I built it. I used pine I had on hand, stained it golden oak and put tung oil on it with Old English furniture oil over that.
Table and Chairs

Jack writes: This table and chairs were made for this same lady's granddaughter mentioned above. Plans for the table and chairs came from Cherry Tree.

Jack writes: This cradle was built for my daughter in 2001 when she was having a son. That meant I had to build one for my daughter-in-law for her son due that Dec. They are of red oak with a cherry stain, tung oil and furniture oil finish. I have made and sold two more to persons that saw the first two.

Jack writes: I made this clock from plans I found in an old magazine and had in my files. I bought the quartz movement, face and hands from
Klockit.com, the bail on top from a hardware site and the rest is from scrap oak I had laying around. I made two for wedding presents for each of two friends at work. I have about $20 and 2 hrs in each one and their wives both think I gave them a $200 present.
Steamer Trunk

Jack writes: This is a steamer trunk I recently finished for my wife. I got the plans and hardware from Rockler. It took me about 2 months to finish, what with all the other things I've had going on. I made it from red cedar and finished it with several coats of spar urethane
Rocking Horse

Jack writes: I drew up and made this rocking horse for my granddaughter's first birthday after spending 3 months looking for one to buy. It's all from pine stained brown with a poly finish. It has a rope tail and shoe leather ears with  3/4" mushroom plugs painted black for eyes. At the time all I had was a circle saw, a sabre saw, a router, an electric drill, a hand plane and an oscillating sander.
Mantel Clock

Jack writes: Here is another clock I made. It was for a friend and there is a long story about its development into its final form. My friend is from Montana and likes bears. The clock has a bear on each side and the face is a picture of Swift Current lake in Glacier National Park from where he proposed to his wife
Minature Horse Stable

Jack writes: One of my 5 year old grandsons is into horses. About Sept. of 2006 he decided he needed a stable for his horses so I put a makeshift one together out of some scrap boards. That worked for a couple of months until he saw a nice wooden stable in a Highlights catalog. He decided he really would like a stable like that one. So grandpa decided he could make one for a lot less.

I built it from the picture and dimensions in the catalog. It's 12"W by 18"L by 14" high, made from cedar and pine scrap I had in the shop.
Minature Barn

Jack writes: In March 2007 he told his mom he had too many horse for his stable and needed a bigger one. He had another catalog that came with a horse they had bought, it was a horse barn at an even higher price. You know who mom sent him to.

The horse barn is 22"W by 36"L by 24"H with 748 shingles on the roof.
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