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Projects by Chuck Haire - Houston, Texas, USA
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Turkey Yard Figure

Chuck writes - This turkey was made from 1/2" plywood and also hand painted.
Kids Yard Figures

Chuck writes - I made this from 1/2" plywood and it is also hand painted.
Shop Cabinets

Chuck writes - These are cabinets that I've completed to give my shop a face lift. They have been built from materials left over from other projects. The cabinets are built from ripped 2x4's and covered with 1/2in. plywood sanded and stained with pecan and finished with polyurethane. The doors are 1/2in. also, with 1x4's routed and 45 degree corner cuts. The router top is made of 2x6's butted together.
Monster-Yard Figure

Chuck writes - This was made from 1/2" plywood, it is hand painted. It took me one hour to design and cut but I spent four days painting, there is a lot of detail that doesn't show up in the picture.
Sewing Cabinet/Desk

Chuck writes - I made this sewing cabinet/desk for my wife. The top is made from 3/4" Reaita Pine. It's two tone with a lite red mixed in and small black spots about 6" apart covering the surface. The complete desk was made from one 4x8 sheet and measures 24" x 48" x 29". I used pecan stain and four coats of polyurethane sanding with 320 in between coats. The final coat was sanded with 000 then polished with Meguiar's Gold Glass clear coat auto wax.
Scroll Saw Portraits

Chuck writes - Hank is make of 3/4 pine with pecan stain and poly.

My wife is made of 1/4 pine with poly no stain. I was trying different sizes for speed and cost. I was able to tape the 1/4 together and cut two in the time of one.

I used 1/8 plwood painted black and glued them together for the backs.
More Scroll Saw Portraits

Womans' Face on Stand - The project on the left is a 3D version of a profile of a woman's face attached to a stand.

Cowboy Carring Saddle - The project on the right depicts a cowboy after a hard days work or possibly after a rodeo walking basck to his truck carring his saddle.
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