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Projects by Mike Bean - Morgantown, W. Virginia, USA
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Golf Caddy

Mike writes - This is my adaptation of the Home Golf Center plans that I got from Don. I have changed it to hold just 1 bag and the shelves are for misc. golf items. The golf center was made from 3/4 oak plywood and I used oak banding for the edges. It has 2 coats of water base poly to keep the oak natural looking. The shelves were banded from 1/4 oak strips. Biscuts were used for all the shelving, and screws were used where they wouldn't be seen. This was a Fathers Day present.

Mike writes - Here is one of my first major projects, something every shop needs. This was made from 1/2 in. plywood, 2x4's and some all thread rod. It was glued and screwed together. The clamp and bench dogs come in very handy, and so does the tool tray. I excluded the face vise because of the price. I have a total of $125 US in it. The FREE project plans and shopping list came from American Woodworker and can be found
Picture Frames

Mike writes - These are 2 picture frames I made as wedding presents. All you need for this project is 2 basic router bits, a 1/4" roundover and a 1/4" cove. The frame is made in 2 parts and I found the plans in American Woodworker #96. They are made of Ash, stained with Early American, and finished with 2 coats of Tung Oil.
Serving Tray

Mike writes - This is a serving tray I made for my 5-yr. old daughter. It was made from scrape 1/2 in. Birch plywood. It is finished wiyh 2 coats of oil based satin poly. She loves it and uses it all the time. I got the idea from your site.
Wall Shelf

Mike writes - I got the plans for this shelf out of Workbench magazine. this is made out of Ash and stained in Early American with 2 coats of Tung Oil for the finish. it proudly hangs in the living room at my mother-in-laws.
Oak Shelf

Mike writes - I saw this at a craft store for about $40.00, and thought that would make a nice gift, so I took some quick measurements there and it only too a few hours to build, mostly with scrap from my bin.

Mike writes - I made this for the endless collection of chihldrens books my daughter has. I found the plans at
Minwax, then I saw a woodworking tv show and they built the same bookcase a few weeks later. It is a really nice project for someone in your family.
Bathroom Cabinet

Mike writes - My wife made me build this one. I used the measurements from another 'cheaply' made one that was already there. This was my first attempt at using my raised panel door bits from CMT. I got lucky, no mistakes.
Stackable Storage Bins

Mike writes - I got the plans for this storage bin out of a woodworking magazine. It was made as a garage storage unit out of MDF, but I decided to try it out of oak and put in my daughters playroom for the extra toys she has laying around. If you neeed to know what magazine, email me and I will let you know which one.
Entertainment Center

Mike writes -  I found the plans for this one here at
Ideas In Wood. I was looking for plans for my new big screen tv and was not going to pay over $1500 for factory made entertainment center. I built this one and it only cost me about $400.00 and the wife is happy lady now. It was stained with a custom mixed color from Sherwin Williams to match my coffe and end table we recently purchased.  Again I used my raised panel door bits from CMT and it worked out great.
Octagonal Picture Frame

Mike writes - I built this one for my dad. He purchesed a patch to honor the 343 Fallen Firefighters from New York and wanted to frame it. It was put together with pocket screws and was easily lined up and fit together perfectly.
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