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Yard Lighthouse

John writes - This was a plan from
Meisel Hardware. I made several of these for my wife's birthday. They now guard several areas of our gardens. The tower panels are 1/4 in. plywood and they use solar-powered landscape lights/ Low-voltage lighting would be a better choice, as the solar lights don't put out too much more than a nice glow.
Marine Logo Intarsia

John writes - This was my first Intarsia project, made from a pattern in Creative Woodworks and Crafts magazine. Made from 3/4 in. pine and walnut.
Paint Caddy

John writes - This paint caddy was made from a plan from Barley Harvest Woodworking. It holds 60 bottles of paint standing upright with space for about 12 more under the first shelf. It sits on a lazy-susan bearing.
Potpourri Boxes

John writes - This is a easy to build plan from
WOOD ONLINE. The sides are 1/2 in. Cherry, tops are 1/8 in. Baltic Birch and the bottom is screened to allow air flow.
Storage Cabinet

This storage cabinet was made from a Meisal Hardware Co. plan. I modified it to use punched tin panels in the upper and lower frames and beadboard in the center. The center and lower bins tip out, and they were modified with a 1/8 in. hardboard panel to increase the storage capacity. The cabinets were primed and base-coated with Behr Colonial Pewter satin finish and top-coated with Behr Whetstone satin, mixed 3-1 with glaze. It is finished with Minwax Polycrylic satin varnish, rubbed out with 0000 steel wool.
Drill Press Table

John writes - Made from two layers of 3/4 in. birch plywood and edged with 1/2 in. oak. It is attached to the drill press table with threaded knobs and captive T-nuts. Behind the removable rear fence is a circular cutout for drum sanding.

A simple shelf made of 1/2 in. pine. Good use of short scrap pieces.
Spice Rack

John writes -This spice rack is made out of red oak, stained with Olympic red oak oil stain and finished with 2 coats of Minwax Antique Oil and 2 coats lacquer. It holds 24 McCormick spice bottles.
Cross-Stitch Framed

John writes -My wife?s cross-stitch measures about 8x16 and is framed in poplar with an antiqued finish in Hunter Green.
Cookbook Rack

John writes -I found the idea for this cookbook rack in the May 2003 issue of WOOD Magazine. It is made out of Cherry with the sliding center divider and the wheat onlay made out of Walnut. I put on two coats of Minwax Antique Oil and two coats of Deft Satin resulting in a nice finish.
Pastry Board Set

John writes -This is a pastry board set made of Cherry and Walnut.  I got the idea from an article in Wood Magazine. The pastry roller is Maple, purchased online. The board is a little over 17 inches square and I used ľ inch walnut dowels for the markings on the pastry side. Everything is finished with 4 coats of Minwax Antique Oil.
Flag & Mosaic Scroll Saw Work

John writes - Just some simple projects to keep the scroll saw from getting lonely. The flag was the free plan from Wood Magazine's July newsletter and the Mosaic is from a book I bought at a scroll saw convention. It has about 30 plans similar to the Mosaic one. Both are made of 3/8 inch Redwood with 1/8 in plywood backers.

John writes - I made this for my wife as an anniversary gift, I think it came out well and she really likes it. The woods used are Redwood, Cedar, Cherry and Walnut. The green leaves are stain made from thinned acrylic paint.
Hope Chest

John writes - I'm donating this Hope Chest to a charity auction this year. The chest is made  out of  Cherry with a little compartment just inside the top. Both and the bottom of the chest and little compartment are cork lined.
Yacht Steering Wheel

John writes - I made this as a Christmas present in 2005. Actually it is not a functioning steering wheel, but someone keeps asking when they're going to get their yacht....well, we had to start somewhere....
Baby's Crib

John writes - Stained with 3 coats of lacquer and hand rubbed. I had to rig some interesting ways to hold the parts! Iím pleased with the way it came out and the kids love it.
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