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Vicki writes - This a Trellis I built for some Clematis a neighbor gave me. I hope next year the vine will grow and cover the lattice..

Vicki writes - A close-up of the Pyramid with Morning Glories climbing on it. It is the first project I made from plans and it was almost harder than some of my own designs. The plans came from the May 2001 isssue of Birds and Blooms.
Foot Stool

Vicki writes - This Foot Stool is made from Pine. I used my Dremel Scroll Saw to cut an intricate crab in the side panels. The top and sides are joined to the front with biscuits. The top and sides are rounded over using a router.
Fish Wood Burning

Vicki writes - The fish is burned onto a scrap of Pine. It was painted with colored oil pencils. The edges were shaped with a chamfer bit.
Front Porch Hanger

Vicki writes - I used Yellow Pine for the scrolled part and salt treated for the hanger section. The scrolled part is stained with Cedar Cuprinol, the hanger with Mahogany. There's a slot I made in the hanger to receive the scroll. I did that with the drill press and cleaned-up the edges with my new chisels.

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Box Planter

Vicki writes - This is one of two planters I have on my deck for begonias. It's joined with biscuits and Titebond II.
Planter Wheelbarrow

Vicki writes - This wheelbarrow make a great planter, and its easy to move around the deck. The heart shapes cut into the wheel were done with a Forstner bit to form a triangle and then sand down 2 sides to form a heart.

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Planter Bucket

Vicki writes - This was a fun project. It is made of cedar, black banding and white rope for appearances.

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Garden Arbor

Vicki writes - I built this arbor from pressure treated lumber and stained it with 2 different shades of gel stain. If you look closely you can see the bean vines that have started growing on it. There are some sweet pea vines in there too. The big plant at the base is a Moonflower.
Mobile Planer Shop Cart

Vicki writes - This year for my 39th birthday, or what I like to think of as my 39th, I got a Delta 13" 2-speed planer.  They consider it to be in the "bench-top" category like you can pick them up and set them on the bench temporarily.  Hah!  Maybe the Hulk can, but not me.  This baby weighs 97 lbs. so I needed a permanent, mobile home for it. Made form 2 x 4's and plywood, works great and even has storage space inside.

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Scroll Saw Portraits

Vicki writes - I've been working on Christmas gifts for friends and family. The one on the far left is a Dachshund for a co-worker, the other is a Jack Russell. As shown here each has received a coat of poly and has been mounted in a frame with a piece of felt behind the scroll portrait.
Doll Bed

Vicki writes - Here's a doll bed I made for my friend's daughter. It's sized to fit an American Girl doll.  I used scraps for the most part. I had to make my own pattern and experiment a bit with some new tools. I used MinWax Oak stain for the light shade and for the trim,  MinWax Oak Maple stain for the dark shade on the rest. The "toy trunk" is store bought with my "accents" of rope and pony.

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Work Tables

Vicki writes - Here's a pair of work tables.
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