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Projects by Reg Loney - Turtle Creek, New Brunswick, Canada
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Toy Box

Reg writes - This is a pine (blanket box - toy box) I made for Christmas. The size is 30" x 13" x 13", without the top & legs. I finished it with clear water bases poly 4 coats. Sharon my wife found some decals to try on it. Also added an anti-slam lid support so little fingers would not get caught.
Rocking Moose

Reg writes - This is a rocking moose made from Pine. It is finished with water based poly.
Rocking Horse

Reg writes - This is a rocking horse I made from Pine with a mop mane. It is finished with water based poly.
Wall Cupboard

Reg writes - I made this wall cabinet for my wife to display her dishes. The plans come from
Weekend Wood Working Projects Vol.6 No. Issue 31 - January 1993, the project is called Classic Country Cabinet. I made this one from Pine with 1/4" Birch plywood for the back. It is approximately 31"x 38"x 51/2" (I modified plans to suit). I used a sealer to cover knots and had the store mix up water based blue interior flat enamel paint. I applied two coats before applying back. The back is sealed with varethane.
Wooden Toys

Reg writes - These are some wooden toys I made from left over scraps of Pine.
Fire Wood Box

Reg writes - This is the Shaker fire wood box I made from an article in Popular Woodworking Magazine - March 2003. Box is made of 3/4 pine approx size is 24'' wide x 30"tall x 21" deep. The back is ship lapped for expansion and contraction. The doors, front and top pieces have dados down each end so they fit over the sides.  A couple coats of varathane and a hook and eye to hold the door up when needed.
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