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Projects by Damien Lawrence - Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia
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Damien writes - This bookcase is made from New Guinea Rosewood, cut in the jungles with a chainsaw into slabs about 39-35mm thick. I planed it down to 25mm. It cost $au18.50 per metre, 250mm wide. I mainly built it to house my first edition of The OED, which is on the bottom shelves. It is 2400mm high 1200mm wide and 500mm deep (The top is 250mm) It is finished with 3 coats of tung oil based floor sealer and 2 coats of wax. Tools used were table saw, router, bandsaw, thickness planer, jointer and other hand tools. Total cost about $au500.00.
Cutting Block Table

Damien writes - Here's a kitchen cutting board/table. Made from pine and two hardwoods for the board. Note the board is made seperate so it can be removed for use on bench or table. Complete with towel rack and drawer. Finished in polyurethane.
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