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The next few pages show what my shop looks like now since the remodel of March 2002. I have expanded the shop from 12 x 20 to 20 x 20 with the total remodel also enclosing an additional 10 x 20 for storage of my lawn mower and garden tools. I have been able to add another workbench, rearranged my machines and put my air compressor and one of my shop vacs out in the newly enclosed area for my lawn mower and garden tools. This has made working inside the shop with these items turned on alot quieter since there is now an insulated wall between them and me.

I hope you enjoy these New Tour pages and that you may be able to use some of these ideas into your shop as well.

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These two pictures show the newly remodeled outside of the shop from the front. The one on the left shows a view with
the 6' sliding door closed and the one on the right shows a view with the door open.
The picture on the left show the rear view of the shop, the double doors on the right are access to my lawn mower and garden tools. Just inside the doors on the left, I have relocated one of shop vacs and my air compressor so that they are not inside the shop resulting in a much quieter shop when they are turned on. The picture on the right shows the inside the shop view of the switches that control both the shop vac and the air compressor. Each has its own switch which controls the power to the plug that the equipment is plugged into independent of the other. The arrow on the left points to the switches, the one on the right points to the 2 1/2 inch hole I drilled into the wall in order to snake the shop vac hose through. This picture also shows part of my dust collection system that services my Band Saw, Miter Saw, Radial Arm Saw and Router Table.
This is something I ran across in a catalog from Carol Wright Gifts , it is a temporary screen for keeping bugs out. It measures 36" x 80". I ordered 2 and you can see them hung up in these 2 pictures, as you can see in the first picture, they didn't quite cover the space I have, so I've ordered another. I attached them (via velcro strips that come with the screens) on 2 pieces of 2 x 6 that are mounted on the sides of the door opening with hinges that allow me to open and close them as needed. It gets hot down here in Texas in the summer time and I like to leave the sliding door open to allow extra ventilation, but I needed something to keep the mosquitos and wasps from trying to make my shop their home.