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              PROJECTS FOR THE SHOP                                 SHOP MADE JIGS
Miter Saw Workstation
Shop Made Wood Plug Trim Saw
Shop Made Bench Dogs
Shop Made Bench Hold Fast
Shop Made Planer Sled
Shop Made Clamp
Shop Made Featherboard
Shop Made Support for Cutting Plywood
Dowel Storage Rack
Knock-Down Clamping Table
Knock-Down Worktable
Knock-Down Work Support
Knock-Down Sawhorses
Knock Down Saw Horse Cutting Grid
Multi-Purpose Sawhorses
Sandpaper Organizer
Sander Stand
Drying Rack for Shelves
Rolling Tool Tower
Workbench Lumber Storage
Adjustable Outfeed Roller
Shop Made Multi-use Fence Sled
Shop Made Air Filtering System
Shop Made Sawhorse Roller Stand
Shop Made Sander Platform
Shop Made Small Parts Carousel
Shop Made Wing-Nuts
Shop Made Mobile Tool Base
Pickup Truck Plywood Rack
Over-the-Bench Tool Rack
Organizing Drawers
Adjustable Bench Stop
Adjustable Panel Cauls
Adjustable Tapering Jig
Air Hose Caddy
Lazy Susan Tool Caddy
Jig for Making Featherboards

Chisel Sharpening Jig

Casting and Cutting Jig

Circle Sanding Jig

Frame and Panel Glue-up Jig
Miter Joint Glue-up Jig
Picture Frame Glue-up Jig
Edging Application
Edge Glue-up Jig
Edge Trimming Guide
Miter Gauge Set-up Jig
Miter Gauge Extension Jig

Drill Press Small Piece Holding Jig

Shelf Pin Jig

Raised Panel Jig for Table Saw
Indexing Jig for Router Table

Table Saw Tapering Jig

Shop Made Crosscut Sled for Table Saw

Flush Trim Jig

Wide-Angle Miter Saw Jig

Shop Made Jig for making Shims

Workmate Bench Extension Dogs
Shop-Made Router Guide
Over-the-Bench Tool Rack
Bench Dogs that Don't Bite
Hardware Sorting Tray
Small Parts Clamp
Small Shop Layout
Shop Made Pulls
Many Uses for Carpet Tape
Solder Iron Stand
Driving Screws in MDF
Sharpening a (Turning) Scraper
Edge Clamping on a Sawhorse
Installing a T-Nut
Installing Threaded Inserts
Installing Screws in Close Quarters
Installing Drawer Slides
Countersink Tip
Cutting Leather
Shop Pencil Cushion
Screw Balm
Sharp Tool Holder
Studded Knobs for Jigs
Power Cord Wrap
Ball Catch Installation
Hanging Cleat Modification
Plug Cutters: Straight or Tapered?
Making Wooden Plugs

Parts Keeper
Cam Action Fasteners
Vise Mounting Made Easy
Dust Collection Helping Hand
Aligning Small Molding

Applying Veneer

Shop Made Table Top Fastners

Making Quality Cuts in Plywood
Burr-Free Cuts in Aluminum
Tape Measure Belt Caddie
Circular Saw Cutting Guide
Auxillary Vise
Making An Arc
Cutting and Masking Glass Stops

Hinge Hanging Tips

Counter Sink Tip

Easy Way To Fill Those Nail Holes

Custom Fitting Dado

Bench Hold Fast

Squaring Gauge

Squaring Box Corners for Gluing

Splined Miter Joint

Eliminate Burning while using a Hole Saw

Cutting Openings in Hollow-Core Doors

Cutting Plywood Down to Size-Rough Cuts

Edging Plywood
Aviod Tearout When Cutting Plwood
Non-Slip Blocks

Felt Drawer Lining
Cutting Plastic Laminate
Air Gun Plugs
Repairing Tearout on Spindles

Fitting a Mortise and Tenon
Mortise Making with a Doweling Jig
Cutting Roundovers with a Table Saw

Repairing Loose Tenons

Prevent Scroll Saw Burning

Applying Solid Wood Edge Banding

Miter Gauge Set-Up

Flip-Up Sanding Mat
Air Tank Drain Valve Extension
Checking for Square
Truing a Square
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