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Here are some shop tips that I'm sure you will find useful. I've tried to catagorize them by Tool Used or Process Step or General Shop Tips catagories. Fnd the Topic or Tool and just click on the tip you wish to check out. To continue click the Shop Tips button at bottom of page
          PROJECT LAYOUT TIPS and JIGS                              PROJECT ASSEMBLY TIPS and JIGS
Tips for Installing Hinges
T-Track Work Support
Third Hand Assembly Blocks
Checking Diagonals
Jig for Frame and Panel Glue-up
Squaring a Mitered Corner
Squaring Large Projects
Making Pocket Hole Plugs Invisible

Corner Cabinet Supports

Squaring Box Corners for Gluing
Measuring Angles Easily
Multi-Level Work Table
Squaring Gauge
Loose Fit Tenon Fix
No Mar Compass
Transferring a Pattern
Layout Tool
Scribing Odd Shaped Parrell Lines
         CLAMPS and CLAMPING TIPS and JIGS                    GLUES and ADHESIVES TIPS and JIGS
Avoid Warping in Glued-up Panels
Using Contact Adhesive
Panel Glue-Up
Jig for Frame and Panel Glue-up
Jig for Miter Joint Glue-up
Splined Miter Joint
Picture Frame Glue-up Jig
Jig for Edge Glue-up
Applying Edging
Shop Made Glue Bottle Tote
Glue Application Chart
Stain Prevention
Gluing Cabinets
Edge Trimming Guide
Extended Pipe Clamps
Clamping Blocks
Pipe Clamps Center Clamping Pressure

Shop Made Bench Clamp
Clamping Helpers

Clamping Station for Panel Glue-ups
Clamping Jig for Panels
Getting More Leverage on Clamps

Spring Miter Clamps
Pipe Clamp Cradles

Miter Clamping
Align Miters w/Clamping Blocks
PVC Clamp Holders
Clamping Guide
Auxiliary Vise
           SANDING TIPS and JIGS                                            FINISHING TIPS and JIGS
Finishing Dowels
Staining End Grain
Ebonizing Wood
Shop Made Foam Brushes
Finishing Fretwork
Plugging Mortises
1-Step Shelf Finishing
Finishing Stand
Cleaning Dirty Brushes
Fast Fix for Glue Smudges
Sanding Louvered Doors
Circle Sanding Jig
Contour Sanding Block

Sanding Pad for Lathe Work

Sanding Block for Edge Banding

Belt Sander Fence Jig

Sanding Long Notches

Sanding a Chamfer
Sanding a Smooth Straight Edge
Sanding Block that's a Perfect Fit
Four Steps to a Flat Panel
Sander Stand
Workbench Corner Hook