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Lattice Surrounds

I built these surrounds for our house, the one on the left hides our central AC unit and the one on the right hides our trash bin. Both are made from pressure treated lumber - 4 x 4 posts with finnials on top for that decorative effect, and 3/4" lattice. The frames holding the lattice are made from 2 x 4's ripped in half and then I cut a 3/4" groove down the middle of each using my dado blade in my table saw. Corners are mitered and joined using an external adhesive and screws. I painted these with exterior semi-gloss paint.
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Maple Entertainment Center

I built this Entertainment Center for a customer. I got the plans from
PlansNOW and modified them somewhat to satisfy the needs of my customer. It is made from Maple solid wood and Birch plywood. The customer wanted it stained black, to accomplish this I hand-rubbed on 1 coat of Ebony stain and then sprayed on 2 coats of Ebony stain mixed with sanding sealer and finished it off with 2 coats of clear Varnish. Overall deminsions are approximately 84" tall, 25" deep and 96" wide.
Oak Bookcase

I built this Bookcase for a customer. It is made from Oak solid wood and Oak plywood. I wiped-on a coat of
Golden Oak stain and then finished it with 3 coats of wipe-on poly. Overall deminsions are approximately 72" tall, 13" deep and 38" wide.

To the right  is a close-up view of the molding I made to surround the top of the bookcase. Each shelf has the same design on the front edges just to add alittle character to the piece.
Oak Stereo Speaker Stands

I made these Speaker Stands for the same customer that I built the Oak Enertainment Center seen below. There are 3 double set multimedia slide-outs in each stand giving storage capability for about 120 CDs in each stand. I used
Golden Oak stain and finished in with 4 coats of wipe-on polyurethane.
Oak Entertainment Center

I built this Oak Entertainment Center for a customer. I used the same plans as before from
PlansNOW,but with a few more modifcations. It is made from solid Oak and Oak plywood. Each tower has multimedia storage, the left tower has storage for DVDs and VHS tapes, the right tower has storage for CDs and more VHS tapes. The spanner shelves are great for holding knick-knacks and such (you can see the Speaker Stands discussed above in this picture). It is stained in Golden Oak and is finished with 4 coats of hand rubbed Minwax Wipe-On Poly. Overall deminsions including 62" Big Screen TV are approximately 7-1/2' tall, 2' deep and 10' wide.
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