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Custom Kitchen Drawers

I built these drawers for my wife, so she could get pot, pans, cookie sheets, etc... out of the cabinet easier. The are custom fit for each cabinet, they are made mainly from melamime and pine. They are on full extension slides so they come all the out of the cabinet. The fronts are attached via biscuits. I tried attaching the with screws, but I didn't like the way they looked. I took these pictures before I plugged the screw holes.
Workbench Make-Over

On the right are my newly refurbished workbenches. I took out the metal framework and replaced it with wood. The framework is made using 2 x 4's and 2 x 6's. I then placed my workbench tops on each, securing them in such a manner that, if I ever move, I can easily take the tops off to reduce the weight of the bench when moving. The drawers are located inside an insert that slides into the framework and can be easily removed as well. All the drawers are on
100 lb. full extension slides. I got the idea and plans from Woodsmith Magazine Issue No. 133. There are peg board inserts at each end to hold additional items as well.
Bird Feeder

I built this bird feeder out of scrap lumber I had left over from several other projects in one afternoon (I hardly ever throw anything away). It is made of exterior grade 1/2" plwood, 1/2" and 3/4" cedar stock, scrap pieces of siding for the roof and plexi-glass for the feed dividers. The roof is in 2 sections and the top section comes off for easy access to fill-up the feeder. there is a 1-1/4" hole thru the bottom that allows me to mount the feeder on a pole. I plan to paint it, but the birds won't let me near it now that I've mounted it...lol. Besides I can't decide what color to paint it.
Pet Bed

I built this pet bed for a co-worker at my real job. It is made of solid Pine and Birch plywood. The posts are 2 x 4's that I ripped down to 1-1/4" square and then rounded over the edges. I then attached finnials to the top and bottom of each post using a 7/8" dowel. All the joints are held together with glue and dowels. I secured a piece of L-shaped molding to the rear frame rail to hold the slats and the slats are placed in a rabbet on the front rail, I used brads to secure the slats to each frame rail. The bed measures 29-1/2"W x 18-1/2"D x 14"T and the inside dimensions are big enough for a queen size pillow.

Pet Bed II (the remix)

This picture is another Pet Bed where I used some store bought items for the posts and finnials. Same concept, but the results do give it a different look.
Presenting Reno - Another Satisfied Customer

Here is a picture of Reno, my co-worker's little Dachshund inside enjoying his comfy new bed. I included the  front rails to help keep the new little puppies from falling out of the bed. The rails are secured to the frame using dowels, and are removeable for when the puppies are gone. 
Tri-Fold Screen

This tri-fold screen is made from White Oak and is set-up to display 8x10 photographs. It can be set-up to display almost several different sizes of photos. I finished it with one coat of deep red mahogany laquer and 2 coats of clear laquer. The hinges and the photo keepers on the back are all made of brass. The matte frames are Rose Parchment, I think they really work well to not only contrast the Mahogany finish, but accent it as well (you kind of have to see it in person to fully appreciate the whole accent/contrast thing). You can get the plan
Hall Tree w/Bench Storage

I made this Hall Tree out of Pine and Paneling that I removed from our living room during a remodel a few years ago. As you can see the seat raises up to reveal storage space underneath, there are 2 brass coat hangers and the mirror is inlayed into the back cross braces.
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