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Custom Mailbox

This is a Mailbox I made for my mother-in-law for Christmas 2001. She had mentioned that she needed a new one, but wanted something no one else in the neighborhood had (there are several different styles of mailboxes in her neighborhood from cows, to car engines). I made her this one to look like a mail carriers car. She loved it, and we're all wondering what the mailman will think of it.You can find the plans at
Meisel Hardware Specialties.
Grandfather Curio Clock

This is a picture of the Grandfather Curio Clocks I built for our kids and their wives for Christmas 2001. They are made of Oak, stand 6' tall, are 12-3/4" wide and 14-1/4" deep and were very challenging to build. I purchased a plan from
Wood Projects.com, but it was very basic - I had to "punch it up alittle". The scroll work at the top and on the bottom are of my own design. All the shelves are adjustable, I drilled adjustment holes to gives the shelves 56 possible positions. The clock itself is 6 -1/4" in diameter and is battery operated and I purchased it from Meisel Hardware Specialties . I made the crown to be as one piece so it could be lifted off, giving access to the clock battery or when you need to reset the time on the clock. I made all the moldings myself using different router bits or utilizing only certain portions of router bits. This is the first project I have done where I made my own moldings. It was very gratifying once the clocks were finished. The 2 front corner posts have 3 flutes in them, the middle flute is slightly longer than the 2 outside flutes. I placed gingerbread around the clock and a medallion on the bottom section for decoration. I finished them in Golden Oak and I put on 4 coats of wipe-on poly with a light sanding between each coat.
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Toy Bi-Plane

I built this Toy Bi-Plane for our grandson for Christmas 2001. It is made entirely of Oak with Walnut stain on the wheels, propeller, and engine cowling, the rest is just clear gloss poly over natural wood. I got the plans from
Wood Online in their e-mail newsletter that I subscribe to. It was fun to build and it only takes a couple of days to complete from start to finish.
Wall Mounted Coat Rack

I built this coat rack to hang flush on the wall, it is made of Pine, stained Early American and finished with Shellac. I used simple shaker pegs to hang coats on, and used a cove router bit to create the decorative edge.. I used a keyhole router bit to made a horizonal slot in the back so you can place 2 nails in the wall in the studs, and then slide the rack onto the first nail, then slide the entire rack over to catch the second nail head, then slide it back to center the rack between the 2 nails.
Magazine Rack

I built this magazine rack for my Mother-in-Law. She found a picture of it in a magazine and sent it to me. The dimensions are 15-1/2" high x 14-1/2" wide x 11" deep. It is made out of Pine, stained Honey Pine and finshed with polyurethane. I used glue and screws for all the joints and covered the screw holes with little buttons.
Barrister Style Display Case

I built this display case as a Valentine's Day gift in 2004. It is made out if Oak and finished in Golden Oak stain and 3 coats of wipe-on poly.It is designed using a
Barrister Bookcase as the base and then the display case mounted onto the base. I put glass into both sides, 2 glass shelves, glass in the door and a mirror in the back. The barrister doors also have glass in them to help keep dust out of the bookcase. The customer who ordered this wanted someplace for her husband to store his sports memorabilia. I also used a UV film on the inside of the glass to protect the autographs on the sports items that will be placed inside. The pic on the right shows how the bookcase doors open, the display case door opens the same way and automatically locks when closed.
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