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Home Golf Center

This a Home Golf Center and it is one of the most popular items I have made and sold. It is made out of 3/4" Birch MDF, w/carpet and moveable shelves. This is a great item for storing your golf equipment by getting it out of the trunk of your car or out of the garage, and out of the elements (or you could store them here in the garage). If you are a woodworker and would like to try and build this I have some basic plans and a cutting diagram, you can
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Golf Ball Display Rack

This a Golf Ball Display Rack that holds 50 golf balls I make them out of pine and oak. Sizes range from 25 to 150 golf balls. I either route out a groove to hold the golf balls or I "dimple" the shelves with a 3/4" bull nose router bit or forstener drill bit.
L-Shaped Home Bar

Below is my most adventurous project to date. It's an "L-Shaped Bar" made entirely out of Oak. I made this for my Mother-In-Law for Mother's Day in 2001. It has 2 shelves so she can store knicknacks and other things under the bar. The slats are fastened with pocket joinery (128 pockets). The left side has a flat panel with a molding inside detail. The top is standard laminated counter top material cut to fit. Each side is 50" in length. (That's my lovely Mother-In-Law on the right)
Flag Display Case

It is made of oak and is sectioned off diagonally for the purpose of putting a folded flag in one of the sections, and placing medals, pictures, or other memorabilia in the other section. The backing is padded and is covered in red velvet. It has a glass front and can either sit on a shelf, mantle, or table - or it can be hung on the wall for display purposes. This has been my most popular projects.
Rocking Horse

This is the Rocking Horse I made for my Grandson for Christmas in 2000 when he was 13 months young. We couldn't keep him off of it. It is made out of pine, and I used yarn for the tail and the mane. To get a copy of the plan -
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Gun Cabinet

This is a Gun Cabinet I made for one of my wife's co-workers. It is made out of pine, it has 2 drawers, and holds 4 rifles, a double-barrelled shot gun, and 2 pistols. The door locks for security. The rear panel is just some exterior siding, but it gives the cabinet a kind of rustic look. I also made a Pistol Display Case for the same co-worker that held 9 pistols (not pictured).
Noah's Ark Beanie Baby Holder

I built this for my Grandson Brendan and quite a few others. The plans call for a shingled roof, but didn't think that was safe for children, so I used a piece of siding.
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Folding Adirondak Chairs

This is 1 of 4 Adirondak Chairs I made for Christmas presents for my sons and their wives in 2000. They are made of cedar and the foldup for storage. The chairs are really comfortable and breaking them down for storage is a breeze.
Cowboy Hat Rack

These are pictures of my very first woodworking project. It is a Hat Rack for cowboy hats. They are made of Poplar and the tines are secured via a through mortise. The sole is routed out and painted black for definition. This was all done using only a Scroll Saw and a Dremel Tool.

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