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It's great to be able share information with fellow woodworkers. Here you will find LINKS to other woodworking web sites. If you have a web site or know someone who does and would like for me to list it here, please E-mail me and I'll be glad to add it. I would appreciate a link to my web site from yours as well, please link to www.sawhorseworkshop.com
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Mike's Workshop

Joe Woodworker

The Wood Bin

Bench Notes

Wood Shop Demos

This Old Workshop

All Wood Work

Woodwork Zone
New To Woodworking??
Sawdust Making 101

Woodworker's Workshop

Benchtop Woodworker

Uncle George's Workshop

Earl Ayers-Woodworking

Jeff Greef Woodworking

Popular Mechanics

Women In Woodworking

Joe & Laura's Shop

Haire's Wood Creations

Wood Bee Designs
Sawdust and Shavings
Jonny Transcend Woodworking
You Can Do It
TJ's Woodshop
Austin Creek Woodworks
I Build It
Furniture by Ron
Rick's Woodshop Creations
Arizona Specialty Woodcrafts
Free Woodworking Info
Candian Home Workshop
Bobino's Woodworking
Jason Falejczyk Woodworking
Creative Homeowner
RLROUSE Crafts Directory
Safe Harbor Woodcrafts
Yellowstone Furniture & Design
Woodworking Tool Review
Southern Pine Woodworking
Last Call Wood Products
Ye Old Cabinet Shoppe
The Wood Whisperer
Home Wood Work
'Ol Dave's Woodshop
The Old Hermit's Wood Shop
SAW4FUN Scroll Saw Patterns
Flooring Tips For Home Decorating

Bear Paw Quilting
Directory of Woodworking
Best Cordless Tool Reviews
Dorset Custom Woodwork
Workbench Ideas
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American Workbench.com
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Works in Wood and Wax
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Lethenty Mill Furniture–Building Furniture in Wood