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This is a picture of the South Wall inside my  shop. This wall is where my work bench sits. I have attached 3 drawers to the underside in front for storing the items I use most (I.E. sand paper, brushes, tape measures, and other drawing materials). It also has a shelf underneath to hold my power tools (I.E. routers, jig saws, skill saw, belt sander, palm sander). On top is a vise and a bench grinder. Attached to the front of the work bench is a 5' power strip and 2 pony vises - 1 on each end. My tool chest is located on the left. More peg board storage for jigs and accessories and the air conditioner/heater window unit.
This is the part of the West side of my shop. Pictured are my waste bin, over head lumber storage, 19" Scroll Saw, Air Compressor,  Table Saw and Shop Vac cabinet (more about this in the next picture). The Scroll Saw and Table Saw are both mounted on wheels for easy movement when needed. As you can see the overhead lumber storage also serves as storage for my dowel rods. Those are cardboard tubes I got from my wife when she finished with a roll of wrapping paper. I just cut half moons in them and fastened them to the rail - works great!!
This is the rest of the West side of my shop. This picture shows my Table Saw, Radial Arm Saw and 16-Speed Drill Press. It also show the dust collection system for all three which is collected by a Shop Vac that is housed in the small cabinet located between the Table Saw and the Radial Arm Saw. The cabinet is lined with carpet to muffle the noise from the Shop Vac. I only turn the Shop Vac on when I'm using one of these machines or vaccuming other areas of the shop whenever I'm cleaning up.
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