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This is my shop, it measures 12' X 20' and I have lined the walls with peg board to help utilized as much space as possible for storing jigs, tools and other accessories (next time white peg board to help w/lighting). There are machines or cabinets all around the walls, most of them on wheels so I can move them into position we I need to use them. I do have a few small luxuries built in, such as an air conditioner/heater window unit (keeping the filter clean is a chore), an AM/FM cassette radio, a TV and VCR for viewing tapes (or watching the ball game), a sink, a coffee pot for those mornings when I need a jump start and a small refridgerator to keep my Dr. Peppers cold. The carport gives me a covered area to cut full sheets of plywood since it is next to impossible to cut full sheets inside. Come on in and look around, I know its cramped, but it works for me until I can expand.
This is a picture of the East Wall inside my  shop. Barely showing in the bottom left hand corner is an Arc Welder. Next to it is my 14" Band Saw. Next is the Router Table I made using plans from The New Yankee Workshop. Next to that is a cabinet I picked-up at an auction for about $5, the top opens up for storage, the left door is open storage and the right door opens to reveal 3 drawers for seperated storage. The top drawer on the right works - the top left drawer is just a front. On top of this is my small drill press that I generally use as a drum sander. It makes for a great work surface.
This is just a closer look at the area above the Router Table and the Cabinet, as well as the window. The walls are all peg board for hanging storage. The drafting light is mounted on a piece of dowel rod and can be swung over to light either the Cabinet or the Router Table when needed. The radio is hanging from the rafters via bungee cords, that way I can always pull it down toward me if I need to changes stations or adjust the volume. Hanging on the wall are assorted levels, T-squares, jigs, and accessory bins.
In March of 2002 I expanded and remodeled the workshop. Click on the Button on the RIGHT to see pictures of the NEW SAWHORSE WORKSHOP    OR
Click on the NEXT button to continue to see shop pictures before the expansion.