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Plans by Don Owen
These plans are FREE, please DO NOT sell plans for profit. The best way to print these plans out is to get them in Adobe format (you will need Adobe Reader) - Click Here for plans if you already have Adobe Reader - or - right click & "Save As" on each diagram and then print them out from your hard drive - They should print out OK - If not e-mail me and I'll send them to you in Microsoft Word format.
Diagram A: This is a layout of a full sheet (4' x 8') x " Birch MDF plywood (you can use " Birch plywood, but the MDF seems to work best for me). This has all the cuts and you can get everything out of this sheet except the flooring, which I used " plywood for that (3 cut pieces see Diagram B for measurements). This cut pattern ensures that the grain of the wood is consistent throughout the project. You will also need some Birch Banding for the edges of the plywood. I also use 2x4s for corner supports (12) under the flooring, 4 of which I put levelers in so you can level the center if you put it on a hard surface. You will need to secure the top shelf, but I drilled holes for the other shelves so they can be adjustable, similar to a bookcase shelf. You will also need some carpet to cover the plywood floor. The Bag Props are cut out on a band saw or scroll saw to give the curves and the notch, which fit in the side pieces. I also used buttons to conceal the screws and I used biscuits to secure the top shelf to the shelve sides and back. I hope this will help, it is a fun project. Good Luck, let me know if you have any other questions.
Diagram A
Diagram B