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These two pictures show how the plan I got from PlansNOW shows the finished Entertainment Center (see picture on the left) and how I modified the plan to come up with my adaptation of the plan (see picture on the right).
Here's a couple of picks of one of the twin towers, the one on the right shows the face frame glue-up clamped and drying.

The one on the left shows the same tower with face frames attached and divider shelf installed.
My hole drilling jig sure made it a snap to drill the holes for the shelf supports in one of the twin towers
Here's a pic of Blum Hinges I used to attach the doors and the holes I drilled for the shelf supports.
Here's a pic of one of the twin towers with doors attached
Here's a pic of one of the twin towers with doors open
Here's a pic of the twin towers with doors attached, tops on and bottom molding attached. Just need to add the crown molding.
The molding was too tall for my miter saw, So I used this handy shop jig with my circular saw to cut the 45 degree miters.
This is the beginning of the Main Section. This is the lower part of it.
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